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Seniors in Traffic

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Product description for the e-course "Seniors in traffic"

Our digital e-course "Seniors in traffic" is tailored for older people who want to improve their driving skills. The course focuses on the following areas:

  1. Road safety for the elderly :

    • We explore the specific challenges older drivers face and provide practical advice to deal with them.
  2. Health and driving :

    • We discuss how health conditions affect driving and give tips for dealing with any limitations.
  3. Sight and hearing :

    • The course provides insights into how sight and hearing problems can affect driving ability and how to improve these areas.
  4. Cognitive function and responsiveness :

    • We explore how cognitive functions affect driving and provide advice to improve responsiveness.
  5. Adaptations and technology :

    • The course provides concrete tips on vehicle adaptations and the use of technology to drive safely.

This e-course is easily accessible and can be taken anytime, anywhere. It is perfect for older people who want to increase their road safety and independence on the roads. 🚗👵👴 1


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